Trout Fishing - The Best Places To Fish in the High Sierra For A California Golden Icon

28/02/2013 17:12

Fishing for prime Sierra Golden Trout

Among the key variables in analyzing my backpacking locations is centered on fishing for Golden Trout. The California Golden Trout was designated the formal state fish of California in 1947. Hatchery- raised fish prolonged the selection of the golden trout to a lot of waters at high elevation during the Sierra Nevadas as well as other states.Their native populations are now strained thanks for the introduction of invasive species and habitat destruction and their introduction in for the superior elevation lakes has strained other indigenous plant and animal species.

The coloration from the California golden trout is spectacularly bright. The tummy and cheeks are brilliant pink to bright orange, the reduce sides are dazzling gold, the central lateral band is pink orange, as well as the back is deep olive eco-friendly.

Early Sierra settlers were being as enamored with golden trout as present day anglers are currently. Beauty like this, they reasoned, shouldn't be restricted to these types of a small space.

Early 1900s Kernville resident Ardis Walker wrote;

"Many with the pioneer readers to golden trout waters reacted that has a drive which was nearly compulsive; they shared a typical missionary urge to spread the golden natural beauty and life of the indigenous habitat towards the barren waters of far more elevated and even more easterly and northern lakes and streams."

It absolutely was common observe for settlers to hold golden trout in buckets of water on the backs of mules for nearly every week at a time, stocking 1000s of fish alongside just how. Some stored meticulous data; other folks none at all.

Reports around the impact on vegetation as well as Yellow Legged Frog thanks to stocking of trout in if not fishless higher sierra lakes triggered the tip of the action and now golden trout are found only in superior lakes (10,000+ ft). They are no more stocked and therefore are only located in lakes the place they are really self sufficient.

To reverse the hurt accomplished to the Yellow Legged Frog as well as other flora non native trout species are taken out by gill netting. The ideal fishing has historically been in lakes at, or near the Kern headwaters and also to the south. These include Lake South America, Crabtree Lakes, Wright Lakes, Wallace and Wales Lake amongst other individuals. The latest visits have discovered the fishing not pretty much as good in some of those lakes but nevertheless incredibly sturdy in others.

I release a lot of the fish I catch for the reason that it is actually illegal to have camp fires for the substantial elevations wherever the fish are uncovered and cooking them over a stove is difficult. For those who just like the flavor of fresh trout it is worthy of it. On the current journey I spoke that has a veteran backpacker and fisherman who stated that she poaches them. That is certainly a further solution which I have not tried out.